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TeleBiz is an Australian regional market leader in the supply and support of satellite phones and commercial satellite voice/data solutions. We stock a range of satellite phones, connected to various satellite networks.

If you frequently travel through areas (land or sea) where you don’t have mobile phone coverage, then TeleBiz can recommend an appropriate Satellite Phone package for you.

Our most popular Handheld Satellite Phones are Iridium, IsatPhone & Thuraya XT-Lite.

Every outback resident, worker and remote traveller should have a handheld satellite phone. Apart from communicating conveniently, satellite phones are a critical safety device for use in areas where there is no mobile phone coverage (land or sea) and when accidents happen, your Satellite Phone could be a lifesaver.

The “IsatPhone” is the top selling robust handheld satellite phone in the world and perfect for Australian conditions.  It is easy to operate, very reliable and our client feedback is absolutely fantastic! There is a choice of economic Post- Paid monthly billing plans or the very popular Pre-Paid option. Call fees within Australia from an IsatPhone to land-line/mobile phone are approx $2 per minute or $1 to send an SMS/Text or email. Also, anyone with access to the internet can send unlimited 160 character messages to the IsatPhone free of charge. There is no fee to receive incoming phone calls, SMS/text messages or emails. The IsatPhone is supplied with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

The Thuraya XT-Lite is limited to Northern Australian coverage and northern hemisphere, but otherwise it’s a beaut Sat Phone, with a mobile phone number and casual postpaid plan at only $15 per month plus calls (and once only $50 activation fee)

If you wish to proceed with an order please phone TeleBiz and we shall guide you in selecting which Sat Phone is best for your circumstances.  The time frame from order to delivery is normally 1- 3 days and TeleBiz is your one stop shop for all future support, including prepaid top-ups.



Inmarsat IM-4 Coverage

Inmarsat IM-4 Coverage


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